Everyone is perfectly capable of creative expression in their own way. This leads me to my “why” – to inspire creativity.

When I create something that brings me joy, I hope it’ll bring inspiration and joy to others too. So I put it out there for anyone to experience and to reveal their own creative spin.

I’m Ann Trem, a designer, crafter, maker, and illustrator. For over twenty years I worked in the corporate world as a designer and product developer. We all know that life is short and moves faster the longer we live. So when an old dream surfaced, and with the encouragement from family and friends, I mustered up the courage to finally start Creative Earthling.

Thankfully, I’m not solo. My awesome husband John is the IT and sometimes editing department. He’s also my voice of logic and reason, the Spok to my Captain Kirk (yep, we’re Star Trek fans). My phenomenal friends and family provide much support in the form of pep talks and focus groups – lucky them and luckier me!

Together, we provide physical and digital products to help people experience the benefits of creative expression. These proven benefits are available to everyone, whether you think you’re artsy or not. So go ahead. Express your own creativity and reap the life-giving rewards.

New products are currently in development and on the way. Check back every week or two for a look at the latest.

Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts and ask any questions you may have.